Fajas Colombianas - Mandy 5070

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By Mandy


Brand Name : Mandy


Short waist trainer, with 4 levels of hooks and each lines of hooks has certain compression and this certain compression, is going to determined the change on your body.

Depending on the discipline and on the consistency you have is going to do the change over the time, making this a very beneficial Waist Trainer.

It's essential for an ( Events ) or ( Special Night's ) or ( Daily Use ), mainly for the major reason that it has 4 levels of hooks it is going to have that improvement. ( The more you use it more benefit you are getting out of 

It contains Latex . Meaning that the more you use it more beneficial is going to be for the reduction of your waist. 

 Color: Black, Beige.

Function: This faja is going to come with a High compression on the waist section, swell as in the butt section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure. There is no better place to buy this than MODA COLOMBIANA !