Moda Colombiana - 6065 Waist Trainer - ( Short Torso )

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Brand Name : Moda Colombiana

Material : Latex 

This Short Torso Waist Trainer This Waist Trainer has High Compression that is long-term shaping. 3 lines of Hooks. Once the Waist Trainer is on, you will feel the correction of posture immediately, it helps you to have a completely straight back and this in the long term removes the danger of spinal damage, and supports you to have better physical statistics.
Now if we talk about the molding compression that comes conjugated to us with latex, the heat that it creates with the compression your body enters a constant sweat heat. meaning that you will be sweating all the time, but only inside the Waist Trainer, the longer you wear it the more benefit it will have in the long run.
The recommended time to use them would be from 8 hrs to 12 hrs x DAY
Drink 3 - 4 liters of water a day, which means 1 gallon of water
in this way you will be getting the GREATEST benefit you could get

Color: Beige, Black, Black Lx, Mocca.

Function: This Waist Trainer. Is going to come with a High compression on the waist section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure. There is no better place to buy this than MODA COLOMBIANA !