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Post-Op High Compression Front Hook with 4 Levels

Post-Op High Compression Front Hook with 4 Levels

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Brand Name : Mandy

Material : Stage 2

Powernet - Post - Op - Long Leg (Non - Siliconed

 In the back comes the gluteus with the lifting and shaping of the gluteus part. It doesn't have any compression to crush the butt. on the contrary, it comes with the lace of lifting them and shaping them in a natural and beautiful way
Full back with thin straps and the front part comes with 4 lines of hooks so that it is more accessible when you want to be changing the compression as well as when there is that figure advancement in the long term. since each line of hooks increases or decreases the compression in a comfortable and effective way.

only in Moda Colombiana...

Color: Mocca

Function: This faja is going to come with a High compression on the waist section, swell as in the butt section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure. There is no better place to buy this than MODA COLOMBIANA !
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