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Moda Colombiana

Colombian Ultra Silhouette Vest

Colombian Ultra Silhouette Vest

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Brand Name : Moda Colombiana

Material : Latex

This Vest will be made of latex material with a high compression, THIN straps that provides the same support in the waist at the same time as in the back, which is completely correcting posture and as the material is made of latex it will come with a lot of heat and compression that will make you sweat and the more you use it, the more it will be grinding your body as well as giving you complete waist and back support with the MAXIMUM support that the THIN strap will give you, because it will grab you the excess of the part of the back so that you have a better appearance when we are talking about the figure, also about the health of the posture. Making this vest with a THIN strap it is going make it a more discreet product. Making it more available for an event or more daily use with more open market for your cloth.
It has 3 lines of hooks, so you have accessibility when changing the compression because certain compression is what will make the change in your body in the long run.

The recommended time to use them would be from 8 hrs to 12 hrs x DAY
Drink 3 - 4 liters of water a day, which means 1 gallon of water
in this way you will be getting the GREATEST benefit you could get

Color: Beige, Black, Black Lx, Mocca.

Function: This Waist Trainer. Is going to come with a High compression on the waist section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure. There is no better place to buy this than MODA COLOMBIANA !
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