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Women Colombian Jeans

Araceli's Colombian Jeans Levantacola

Araceli's Colombian Jeans Levantacola

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REF: P23125

Brand Name :  Golden Hearth Jeans


Colombian Jeans.

Great quality and guaranteed figure improvement, it comes with a high abdomen shot, and they grab the rear in a way that will be a butt lifter. It comes in many styles. Perfect for any ( Event ) including ( Work ) Since it perfectly handles the Fashion category, as well as the category of comfort to its maximum way of improvement.

They highlight the butt and shape in the best way the figure. 


            USA 11 / Colombian 16

            USA 13/ Colombian 18

            USA 15 / Colombian 20

            USA 17 / Colombian 22

            USA 19 / Colombian 24   


            Only in Moda Colombiana.... 

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