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Men Colognes

Artistry Men Unknown

Artistry Men Unknown

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A modern fresh scent you can wear daily

Create your own mark with Artistry Men Unknown™, a masculine fragrance leaving you ready to face the world. A distinctively masculine mix of fresh, green and smoky notes carefully crafted for a memorable experience.

Artistry Men Unknown™ was developed by the award-winning fragrance house of IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances). Treat yourself to this affordable luxury you can enjoy every day. Add an aura of success, confidence and masculinity.


  • Top note: Bergamot - famously grown in southern Italy this crisp, zesty, uplifting note is derived from a citrus fruit.
  • Middle note: Clary Sage - green, soft and slightly sweet, this northern Mediterranean herb has a calming effect.
  • Base note: Patchouli - a member of the mint family from Indonesia, the rich, woody scent grounds the fragrance with masculinity.
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