Faja Ref. 5005 Body Flex

Size Chart


Brand Name : Body Flex

Material : Stage 2-  

 This faja will support you with a long leg with out any silicone inside, on the behind you will find the butt section that is going to lift and shape your but on a perfect balanced way.

Comes with the Full Back Support, also with the thin straps in the front part. With 4 line of hooks so you can change de compression level's. the intimated part with a panty that is removable. 


Powernet - Polyamide 85% Elastane 15%

Spandex - Polyamide 80% Elastane 20%


Color: Beige, Black

Function: This faja is going to come with a High compression on the waist section, swell as in the butt section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure. It comes with sleeves so that excess can stay put. also control more the area for a better purpose. 

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