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Moda Colombiana

Low Control Stage 1 with Zipper Post-Op

Low Control Stage 1 with Zipper Post-Op

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Brand Name : Moda Colombiana

Material : Lycra on Stage 1 - 

This Mc009 Faja would already be stage 1 (Post- Op) and would come with its short leg with the silicone inside to increase the grip and it would not roll up or something similar. The glute portion will come in a light compression but significant lift and high BBL type highlighting training. (The cut on the glute will be inside the faja so you wont be able to see it but it's still there) It will come with a full back meaning that the full support of the body will be reflected in the Faja. In the intimate part we will already find a zipper so that when we go to the bathroom we will not have any difficulty. In the front part there will be a zipper to give that touch of (Discreet) And below the zipper we will find a line of hooks to give us that compression that our body seeks more than anything on stage 1... There is no better option to buy it and give yourself the Moda Colombiana experience...

Color: Beige, Black, Mocca.

Function: This faja is going to come with a BBL figure. Giving Low compression on the waist and a lifting and shaping figure on the butt section. Focusing in a major benefit on the correction of the Posture and at the long term a benefit on your figure !!!

There is no better place to buy this than MODA COLOMBIANA !

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